Scientific excursion to Romania -
Szeklerland, April/May 2014


Bogi Toth and Istvan Botar organized an amazing tour. A group of 13 people travelled from Cluj to Bucarest. We visited impressive monuments as well as skilled and friendly handy crafts.

We visited the churches of Tîrgu Mureș, Agrișteu, Mălâncrav, Brădeni, Mugeni, Miercurea Ciuc and Gelinta. Bogi and Istvan presented their dendrochronological and archaeological work of these buildings. Basket makers, door carver, cooper and shingle maker showed us their impressive skills and knowledge. They invited us to do some small examples.

All in all it was a very interesting tour. We have learned a lot about the monuments, the handy crafts as well as about the region and the different people living in this region.

Many thanks to Bogi and Istvan for the organization!

We will try to continue with such excursions in future.





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